Have a Holy “Holy Week”

The end of Lent is near, and Holy Week officially started last Sunday.  This week is a powerful week for Catholics, and is filled with lots of opportunities to reflect on Jesus’s Life, Death, and Resurrection.  Tomorrow is Holy Thursday and churches all over the world will be celebrating mass.  The focus of this mass is the Last Supper, in which Jesus broke bread with His disciples for the last time before He was arrested and crucified.  At this supper, Jesus also washes the feet of His disciples, showing us that He came to serve.  He tells us to serve others like He has served us.  It’s a beautiful and humbling experience to wash the feet of others, but even more so to have your feet washed.  If you can make it to a mass tomorrow I highly recommend it.  Our Lady of the Snows will hold their mass at 7pm at the church.  Good Friday is the day we reflect on the Passion of Jesus.  The passion is the story of Jesus’ death.  We do not celebrate mass on this day, but many churches will hold a communion service.  Snows will have one at 12:10.  Later that night there will be a performance by the Newman Center (the Catholic Community from the University), known as the Station of the Cross at 7pm at Our Lady of the Snows.  They have always done an amazing job, and it’s a great way to reflect on the suffering Jesus shares with us!  There will be no masses celebrated until Saturday night when we all come together to celebrate the Easter Vigil; in which we welcome new comers to our church!  It’s a beautiful and symbolic mass!  Join Snows in welcoming new members on Saturday the 23rd at 7pm!  Sunday of course is the day in which we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus!

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